Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Meteor Lights Up Sky Over Adelaide, Australia

A fireball has been spotted crashing down from the sky in South Australia overnight, but what exactly was it? Many South Australians witnessed the bright object, including Dylan Bishop who captured the spectacular moment while driving on Commercial Rd in Seaford Meadows. The ball of light in the night sky can be seen with a trail behind it as it descends.

Another Adelaide resident, Emily Jane, was lucky enough to record it on her CCTV in Modbury.

People have told ABC Radio Adelaide they noticed a green tinge to the fireball, while everyone tries to work out exactly what it was.

It comes just two days after a meteor shower descended on the Northern Territory.

Elyshia Norman wrote on The Advertiser's Facebook page she saw the "huge fireball" coming over Mt Gambier about 11pm last night.

"[It] made the whole house rumble, thought it was an earthquake," she said.

Many people in Victoria have also witnessed the phenomenon, including Adelaide truck driver Darren Waters, who captured this amazing footage while driving on the Western Hwy, just east of Ararat.

There have been reports of a meteor shower across Australia over the last few days.

Amateur astronomer and manager of the popular Australian Meteor Reports Facebook page David Finlay says this is certainly not space junk.

"We can tell that just because of the speed that this thing was travelling," he said.

"It's pretty obvious that it's a meteor - it's a small asteroid that's created this."

If it hit the ground, however, it would then be considered a meteorite.

Mr Finlay says all the dashcam footage and reports of a sonic boom suggests it made it to the ground.

He, along with other enthusiasts, will spend the day trying to figure out where it landed.

But don't go searching for a crater, because it would have broken up into small pieces.

"These things will just literally fall to the ground as rocks and you can walk up and pick them up," Mr Finlay said.

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